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If one of our used cars is stolen, you can get it back in half an hour

When you get a pre-owned car from us at Westgate Mitsubishi in Raleigh, NC, you get an extra measure of security and vehicle protection. Almost every used truck, SUV and sedan we sell comes with a Lojack Vehicle Recovery system already installed. That means if you buy one of those used vehicles from us and it ever gets stolen, you'll have built-in way to find that vehicle right away so you can inform the police and get it back quickly.

With this unique system, the average recovery time is 26 minutes.

The remarkable Lojack Vehicle Recovery system that comes with most used cars at Westgate Mitsubishi gives your used car a technology that can find where a stolen car is located. In fact, with the Lojack app on your phone, you can see where your vehicle is at all times. The system is so advanced, car owners have had an amazing 98% recovery rate. While a 26-minute recovery time isn't guaranteed, that's the average owner's experience.

Additional advantages of our vehicle recovery system

The Lojack Vehicle Recovery system is something you don't get with most used cars but it's one of the advantages of getting a pre-owned vehicle from Westgate Mitsubishi. The system not only identifies your vehicle's location 24/7 - whether it's stolen or not - but it also tells you about any trips your vehicle has taken, including date, time and length of the trip. It reminds you of service appointments, alerts you to a low battery and more.

Get a used car that helps you sleep better

The Lojack Vehicle Recovery System provides a welcome level of security and peace of mind. It's well worth the modest additional cost and it's something you don't get with most used cars. Browse our selection of outstanding pre-owned vehicles online or in person, knowing you have a unique built-in security system provided by Westgate Mitsubishi in Raleigh, NC.

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